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Planning to Attend Gutierrez Rally? Important Parking Information!

We will not have any parking onsite for the event this Sunday featuring Congressman Luis Gutierrez. This map shows three nearby parking lots that are available for our use.

“Parking 1″ will have a Hope van providing shuttle service to the Center.


Nuestro Conferencia de Prensa del 17 de Febrero fue un gran exito!

Nuestro Conferencia de Prensa del 17 de Febrero fue un gran exito! Univision, Telemundo, Infomas, Fox, y los canales 2 y 9 estaban aquí escuchando presentaciones de Sister Ann, José Luis Martínez de Mi Familia Vota, y unos miembros de nuestra comunidad. El alivio migratorio que hemos estado esperando se ha retrasado un poco hoy, cuando un juez federal de Texas suspendió temporalmente la entrada en vigor de la acción ejecutiva del presidente Barack Obama. Pero no nos desanimemos! Sí se puede!

Puede ver una de las reportajes:

Message of Press Conference at Hope: Si, Se Puede! Yes, We Can!

If you watched any TV news in Orlando last night, February 17, on just about any channel, you probably caught some coverage of the press conference about DACA and DAPA that was held here at Hope in response to yesterday’s court-ordered delay in the implementation of Obama’s executive actions to keep families together. Fox, Univision, Telemundo, InfoMas, and Channels 2 and 9 were all here, listening to compelling presentations by Sister Ann, Jose Luis Martinez of Mi Familia Vota, and members of our community.

Here’s a link to a TV story in Spanish…we’ll link to one of the English versions as soon as we find one. The message comes across, even if you don’t understand Spanish: We will not be discouraged by this delay! Si se puede…yes, we can!


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